Buy This Custom 2008 GMC Savana Formerly Owned By Kevin Durant

What was Kevin Durant driving back in 2010 when he was a member of the upstart Oklahoma City Thunder? A van! Seriously, there was no Mercedes-Benz, Maserati, Lambo, BMW or anything like that for a young KD, but a custom 2008 GMC Savana cool enough to roll to the club in. We’re talking blacked out tint, Texas Longhorns rims, personal TVs, an X-Box 360, a built-in ice cooler and much more.
It really is a van unlike any other, and we all have an opportunity to be the new owners of it as it’s recently been listed on eBay. There have already been 12 bids on it driving the price up to $3,300 —
additional details from the eBay listing:

Originally owned by NBA MVP Kevin Durant, this 2008 completely customized GMC Savana high top van has all the bells and whistles!
Stereo library still has KD’s jam mix!
Other Features:
KD Logo Seats
Custom UT Longhorn Wheels
Subwoofer Rack
XBox 360
Built-in Ice Cooler
DVD Player
10 CD Changer
26″ Liquid Crystal TV
2 Personal TVs
Seat back trays
AV Inputs
Wood Grain Paneling
Heated Front Seats with lumbar support
4 Captain’s Chairs
Motorized Sofa Bed
Running Boards
Backup Camera
Traction Control
Tow-Haul Option
2nd Row Swing Out Doors on Both Sides

Another perk of this van? KD probably did some petty tweeting from his burner accounts in there. You can’t put a price on that.

Still not sure if you want to get in the van game? Allow KD to give you a tour of it:


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