Big Baby Davis Officially Named A Suspect In Parking Lot Assault
Big Baby Davis is having himself a hell of a 2018. You guys all know about the 126 grams of weed he had in some shitty hotel in Maryland, along with a full briefcase of cash (about $90k) and a ledger with names with amounts owed. Basically all 3 drug dealer boxes were checked. But he said he was going to fight with his now legendary private plane video.

Then a couple weeks later, LA James noted that Big Baby had been named as a “person of interest” in an April parking lot assault in Hollywood. Now that “person of interest” label has been ugraded to an actual suspect after some further investigating I guess.
TMZ has the details:

Ex-NBA star Glen “Big Baby” Davis has been officially named a suspect in an assault with a deadly weapon case that left a man seriously injured … TMZ Sports has learned.
We’re told cops believe Davis got into a physical altercation with a man outside of a West Hollywood nightclub on April 8 — and ultimately slammed the man down on the concrete. Davis allegedly fled the scene before cops arrived.
Sources say the victim was hospitalized with multiple broken bones and a broken tooth and he was on a ventilator for a day.
Davis was previously a “person of interest” in the attack but now we’re told investigators have spoken with several witnesses who identified Davis as the aggressor.
We’re told cops will present the case to the District Attorney in the hopes of getting felony charges filed against Davis.

Now Big Baby has found himself in quite a conundrum. He’s already got the one weed case pending against him and now it’s looking like felony charges are coming down the pipe as well. Not good, Big Baby!
If he put this guy in the hospital, he’s a scumbag. But I don’t want Big Baby out of our lives just yet. He’s becoming a content machine – yeah, maybe because he’s been off the rails as of late – but I’m not read for that to end. I want more private plane/Popeyes videos and IG’s with him baked out of his mind on 4/20.
Let’s hope he can turn this franchise around.

Maybe he has a comedy career in his future?

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