Tampa Bay Lightning Fan Sabrina Pattie Hit By Flying Puck, Now Has Giant Knot On Her Head

We have ourselves a situation in Tampa where Lightning fan Sabrina Pattie was struck by a flying puck during Game 2 of the Devils-Lightning series and went to the hospital where the knot on her head pic was taken and eventually passed on to Tampa news outlets.

From First Coast News:

Sabrina Pattie was at Game 2 of the series against the New Jersey Devils with her husband and two young children when a puck flew over the glass and struck her.

The family was sitting on the first level, just to the end of the protective netting, attorney Loren Pincus said.

Pattie’s attorney reached out to 10News and tells us she was taken from the arena to Tampa General Hospital. The Lightning has not offered a phone call to check on her condition, according to the attorney.

10News reached out to the Lightning for a response. A spokesperson for the organization said it typically reaches out to fans who’ve gotten injured on the first business day after the game. The Lightning plan to reach out to her Monday, he said.

Why lawyer up? There’s mention at the end of the news report that there’s not protective netting around the entire rink. Uh, I really hope that’s not the angle a lawyer’s going to take against the Lightning and the NHL. Seems like a tough fight since the back of that ticket tells you to have your head on a swivel.

That’s going to leave a mark:

It doesn’t look like Sabrina is new to the world of hockey:

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