Florida Woman Stabs Boyfriend’s Neck After He Came Home From Drinking At Another Woman’s House, Cops Allege

Note to self, if Tiffany Shere Jones gets off a murder charge for stabbing her boyfriend in the neck…stay clear of Tiffany Jones. And sure as hell don’t let her handle a knife in your presence. And you definitely don’t want Tiffany drinking and offering to make you a knife & fork open face roast beef sandwich. Nah girl, I’m good.

Now for the bad news for Tiff: she’s being held on a murder charge. Her summer isn’t going to be LIT AF.

From the News Herald:

Tiffany Shere Jones, 29, is facing an open count of murder in connection with the death of 32-year-old Jonathan Vasta. The Bay County Sheriff’s Office reported the stabbing happened about 2:30 a.m. at the couple’s 187 Pelican Way home. Jones is being held at the Bay County Jail to await first appearance, where she will be given a bond on the charge.

BCSO Maj. Jimmy Stanford said the crime does not seem to be perpetrated in self-defense. He said in the moments before the fatal stabbing, words were exchanged between the two, but there had not been a physical altercation.

Carrigg described Jones as “volatile” and said that a few times, he heard yelling coming from the house next door. Sometimes, he would go over and tell the couple to calm down. Sometimes, the arguing would even spill into the front yard, but Carrigg never witnessed any physical violence, he said.

However, that was not the case early Saturday morning, officers reported.

Jones does have a history of domestic violence. She was arrested in May 2015 on charges that she hit and bit her mother for an unexplained reason. Jones then allegedly hit and spit on arresting officers while being taken into custody. She pleaded no contest in the case and spent almost two years on probation, court records stated.

Here’s Tiff’s mugshot from when she got into it with the cop:

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