Smylie Kaufman Is First Member Of #SB2K17 Crew To Get Married Off

All good things must come to an end and the #SB2K17 crew appears to have lost its first member to marriage as Smylie Kaufman, who has pretty much disappeared this year from the PGA Tour, tied the knot over the weekend at Vestavia Country Club. Fellow #SB2K17 members Rickie Fowler, Jordan Spieth and Justin Thomas were there to say so long to their old friend who, at 26, is headed towards weekends with the in-laws and quiet winter nights next to the fireplace.

It’s always tragic when the old crew starts to split up and gets sucked up by marriage. No more spontaneous trips to the Bahamas with the boys. Now it has to be approved because Smylie’s wife might already have plans for him. There might be another wedding. There might be a scheduled dinner party. There might be a trip she needed him to be on.

And soon the guys will lose Spieth and Thomas to marriage. That leaves Rickie just struggling through life with Allison Stokke.

5 years from now these guys will be on vacation together and the wives will be busy pumping out baby IGs that you’ll avoid like the plague. This is all a cycle that you can pretty much predict. Then, like 20 years from now, the guys will be able to get the group back together for a dad’s trip where a couple of them have put on 25 extra pounds, the hair is gone and the boys will have lost a step.

Goodbye, #SB2K17.

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