Mookie Betts Roughed Up Shohei Ohtani With A Leadoff HR

Sadly there will be no Shohei Ohtani perfect-game watch tonight, and you thank Red Sox star Mookie Betts for that depressing news.

As you can see below, Ohtani wasn’t able to pump a 97-mph fastball by Betts and allowed the second home run of his career — the bomb also ended the modest 11-inning scoreless streak he had entering this game.

Shohei Ohtani faces his first big test tonight. Mookie Betts greets him with a leadoff home run.

— Charging the Mound (@chargethemound_) April 18, 2018

This start will go down as Ohtani’s first dud as an MLB pitcher. He pitched just two innings and surrendered four hits and three runs. It also took him 66 pitches to get through those innings. Leave it to the Red Sox to ruin the fun.

Ohtani making more personal history, albeit on a negative note…

Mookie Betts' 104.9 mph, 411-foot leadoff home run is the hardest and farthest batted ball Shohei Ohtani has allowed in the big leagues so far. #Angels #RedSox

— David Adler (@_dadler) April 18, 2018