Strong Baseball Man Bryce Harper Hit a Broken-Bat Home Run Off Jacob deGrom

Like all of America, I was outraged to learn Bryce Harper’s hilarious double-hairdryer video was nothing but a stunt to push haircare products. It makes absolute sense from Bryce’s perspective since he has top-tier flow, but still severely disappointing for the schmucks like me who believed it was a genuine moment.
The good news is I’m pretty much over Harper selling out after watching him hit the most ridiculous home run of the season. Honestly, a broken bat bomb off former flow brother Jacob deGrom? That probably isn’t happening again:

Here stands Harper, left with nothing but a toothpick:

You probably will not be surprised to learn Harper leads the MLB in home runs with eight. He’s now slashing .314/.486/.804 to start the season, which is not too shabby.

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