Let's Go Live To Lambeau Field To See How Spring Is Going

via Packers web cam

Hope you didn’t have a trip to Lambeau planned this weekend because there’s a good chance you didn’t get to do the stadium tour thanks to a blizzard that came to town and dumped a giant pile of snow over Green Bay. You know it was a massive storm, and not just some basic snowfall, when the local newspaper goes wall-to-wall with the coverage. Some towns around Green Bay got 30+ inches of snow. Seriously. Measured.
How bad was it this weekend in Green Bay? It was an all-timer, according to the Green Bay Press Gazette:

How historic? We’re getting new details on records set over the weekend. The 24.2 inches that fell in Green Bay is the largest April snowfall ever and the second largest all-time snowfall on record. The storm of March 1888 still holds the crown with a whopping 29 inches.

You know things are bad when the Packers close down operations and miss out on profits. Trust me, I was just up there in the fall, these people don’t pass up profits unless things are life or death.

Like a snowy day in December:


It was a lovely day for a wedding:

Bill Belichick Looked Very Happy At His 66th Birthday Party
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