Bill Belichick Looked Very Happy At His 66th Birthday Party

Bill Belichick can now receiveĀ 93.3 percent of the monthly Social Security benefit if he retired right now from the NFL. Hoodie turned 66 today and celebrated the milestone birthday with family last night. That’s Bill holding his granddaughter and looking like a guy who is happier than he’s ever been in life even though Gronk‘s starting to act like a teenager who is going against dad and threatening to miss workouts.

But today is all about Bill and that look of happiness. This will never make it to Get UP!Ā® or SportsCenter because they don’t want people to see Bill smiling and not being Hoodie. As much as you think the media doesn’t like the Hoodie act, they really love it because the abrasiveness drives viewers. You won’t see happy Bill on ESPN, but you will on BC.

I live for Happy Bill. I watched a video today of Bill finding out his daughter-in-law was pregnant from a couple years ago and it was incredible theater. Bill was so happy. Pure joy.

I love how there’s so much contradiction from Hoodie to Happy Bill. It just shows how much he wants to win every single time he goes to work. WIN WIN WIN. I wish Marvin Lewis and Mike Brown lived an ounce of this life. I have no idea what Marvin Lewis is up to in life, but he’s clearly not going to work wanting to rip out your heart and stomp on it. And Mike Brown’s definitely not out kissing babies and being happy. I picture Mike Brown reading the Wall Street Journal and telling his grandkids to leave him alone.

via Linda Holliday

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via Linda Holliday

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