Rick Pitino Reportedly Wants The Newly Open Siena Head Coaching Job

Last month, Rick Pitino got himself a new agent and basically announced to the world, while in a middle of a giant NCAA FBI investigation, that he wasn’t done coaching and planned on looking for other jobs. I obviously said that I needed this to happen because college basketball needs Rick Pitino and Rick Pitino most definitely needs college basketball. I think if you take that away from him he basically becomes a vampire in the sun, even though there’s a real chance he might actually be a vampire.

So here we go, a month later and we now have this report that Rick is interested in the newly opened Siena job, who just had their coach resigned for being a grade-A ass to one of his managers, along with withholding per diems meant for players. Sounds like a perfect spot for Pitino.
From the Times Union:

Pitino wants to discuss the opening with Siena officials, said Loudonville thoroughbred owner Roddy Valente, a longtime friend who is a partner with Pitino in the Kentucky Oaks contender Coach Rocks.
“He basically said given the opportunity, he would love to sit down and explore coaching at Siena,’’ Valente said this morning.
Valente said Pitino wants to coach again, regardless of the level.
“He loves to coach,’’ Valente added. “He said Siena would be a good fit. He loves the area. He’s turned down two jobs because of where they were located. He loves the Capital Region.”
Pitino has been a frequent visitor to Saratoga Race Course during the summer.

A school in the middle of an investigation that’s right down the road from one of the nicest horse tracks in the country? Outside of Louisville, there couldn’t be a more perfect match for these two if we tried. Now they just need to open an Oliva Garden on campus and we’ll be 3 for 3.


Pitino has responded to this report, of course

Via the Courier-Journal:

The Albany Times-Union reported that Roddy Valente, who co-owns the Kentucky Oaks contender Coach Rocks along with Pitino, said Pitino “wants to discuss the opening with Siena officials.” Asked if that was true, Pitino replied, “Nope.”

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