Rick Pitino Has Hired An Agent And Wants Another Coaching Job

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— Dan (@AtIantaDan) September 16, 2017

Just when I thought Rick Pitino would slowly fade away into obscurity after getting fired from Lousiville amid the FBI’s college basketball investigation, it turns out he’s not going anywhere. At least he’s not planning on it. You might’ve thought Rick was going to take his ball and go home after this latest scandal, but nope, he wants back into coaching and I’m here for it.

Pitino could’ve easily gone away and lived a quiet, retired life. But instead, he’s out here yelling to anyone who’s listening that he’s totally innocent. To go along with his battle for innocence, he hired an agent this week. He’s actually dead serious about getting another head coaching job, whether it’s college or pro, and it sounds like he’s basically willing to do anything to get one.

From ESPN:

Rick Pitino told ESPN he wants to coach again, whether it’s in college or the NBA.

“The level doesn’t matter to me,” the former Louisville coach said on Friday. “I just need it to be someone who believes in me.”

Pitino confirmed that he has hired agent Jordan Bazant, and said he doesn’t want to leave the game bitter. He said he has yet to receive any interest from college programs, but told ESPN he had an informal discussion with a representative from one NBA team about a potential opening.

“Every night I go to bed, I’m bitter at the U.S. attorney’s office and at the ‘board of traitors’ at Louisville,” Pitino said. “I’m not bitter at the school, but at the board of traitors.”

Board of traitors! Pitino coming with the flamethrower! I need somebody to give this man a job. College basketball needs Pitino and Pitino needs college basketball.

He says he’s ready to turn in all of his dirt to make this happen.

Rick Pitino hires agent, tells ESPN he wants to coach again and will turn everything – phone records, emails, voice messages – over to any school that wants to hire him: https://t.co/y8Yj74dqGM

— Jeff Goodman (@GoodmanHoops) March 9, 2018

Good enough for me! I like to think some school will give him another shot at redemption. Let’s make it happen, we all want it.

Hey Rick, I have few ideas

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