Joe Kelly Got A Huge Standing Ovation At The Bruins Game After Yankees-Red Sox Brawl Played On The Jumbotron

The timing of the Yankees-Red Sox brawl on Wednesday night lining up with the start of the Bruins playoff run couldn’t have been more perfect. Literally, all the Bruins needed to do last night was throw that video up on the jumbotron and watch the crowd lose its shit.

Mix that with the fact that Joe Kelly, the badass who basically did baseball version of dropping the gloves when he called out Tyler Austin from the mound, was in attendance and there was no chance the Bruins were losing that game.
So that’s what they did. They played the video, the crowd went bananas, then they cut to Kelly who was chilling in a box seat while the crowd gave an ovation like a king.

The Bruins would then go on to win 7-3 because of course. Toronto had no chance last night. Say what you want about Boston and their fans, but don’t deny that come playoff time there’s few cities more elctric.

Hell of way to experience your first playoff hockey game

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