Chandler Parsons Is Crushing Coachella With His Girlfriend Cassie Amato

Remember last month when we introduced Chandog’s new girlfriend, Cassie Amato, who slipped right past the entire internet until a few weeks after when we realized they basically announced their relationship on Valentine’s Day? Well, since then we’ve seen nothing from these two. Just that one photo and a TMZ report.

But here we go. The season is over and Chancun is ready to let loose. For the time being, he is being dubbed ‘Chanchella’ because of this display he and Cassie are putting on at Coachella this weekend. Actually, forget Chandler for a second, let’s just admire this outfit his lady was rocking yesterday.

I think we can look forward to more content from these two now that Chandler’s season is over. It was clear he was trying to lay low this year after the wild ride he took us on during the ’16-’17 season. Now he can enjoy himself a little more and get back to crushing the social media game.
This is a good start.

[h/t Sports Gossip]

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