Mike Gundy Went Shirtless In Video Tribute To Bob Stoops

So mike gundy stripped in his tribute to bob Stoops pic.twitter.com/S7S6KWB5u6

— Brooke Pryor (@bepryor) April 14, 2018

It’s Spring Game season across college football and today you’ll have around 50 different games going on all over the country. One of those will be Oklahoma, who is also having a “Salute To Stoops” weekend ahead of their game. Last night they held an event to honor Big Game Bob, where he got his very own statue and had a bunch of former players in attendance along with a Toby Keith concert. Basically, exactly what you would expect at an event like this.

They also had some of Bob’s former peers send in some video messages. Coaches, players, the whole nine. Of course, Mike Gundy stole the show with his tribute video. He made sure to pop the top off for Stoops in between talking about golfing and hunting.

Mike Gundy’s tribute to Bob Stoops: they can go hunting, golfing and swimming pic.twitter.com/Bw9JnRuZ6e

— Brooke Pryor (@bepryor) April 14, 2018

Pretty much exactly what you expect from a Mike Gundy message. Anytime he has an opportunity to get that shirt off his back, he’s going to take it. Basketball games, rattlesnake hunting, video messages to his former rival coach, anything.

And he’s still rocking that Kentucky waterfall, which is just magical.

Coach Gundy challenges Mason Rudolph to take his shirt off, and then proceeds to do the same. Who wouldn't want this guy as their coach? pic.twitter.com/LejBJiD0Bf

— Joel Devick (@joelyranch3r) October 14, 2017