The Citadal And College Of Charleston Do A Little Baseball Bowling During A Delay

It’s a slow news Thursday, so just like ESPN does on a slow Sunday afternoon, we’re going to watch a little bowling. This broke out last night between the Citadel and College of Charleston during something called a “lighting delay”. Not a “lightning delay”, but “lighting”. Apparently, they couldn’t get the lights to work in the stadium.
So these two teams went the classic college baseball route and got creative while they had to sit around and wait. We’ve seen all things from dance-offs to human jousting in scenarios like this. College baseball players are the best at coming up with quick games on the spot. They kept it simple and broke out a game of bowling with a baseball and some cups.
Turns out bowling a baseball is hard, I guess. Lots of gutter balls between these two teams.

No word on who won the bowling match. Also nobody won the actual baseball game because they never did figure out those lights.

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