Packers WR Trevor Davis Learns Bomb Jokes At the Airport Are a No-No

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Packers wide receiver Trevor Davis learned a valuable lesson Sunday: bomb jokes of any kind don’t fly at the airport. You would assume this is common knowledge for everyone in the country at this point, but apparently not.
TMZ Sports reports Davis was arrested for asking a female friend, “Did you pack the explosives?” while being questioned about their luggage — details from the story:

Law enforcement sources tell us the 24-year-old — a 5th round draft pick out of Cal in 2016 — was at the Hawaiian Airlines ticket counter with a female companion to check into a flight when the attendant asked the usual security questions about their luggage.
Instead of playing it straight — we’re told Davis turned to the other woman and said, “Did you remember to pack the explosives?”
She apparently said, “No” and tried to get him to stop. He then said, “Just kidding” — but it was too late.
We’re told cops were called and Davis was immediately taken into custody for misdemeanor criminal threats. He was booked — mug shot and all — and then released.

The Packers released the following statement regarding Davis’ arrest:

Davis has eight career receptions in two seasons with the Packers. Hopefully his poor judgement doesn’t cost him his job.

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