Troy Aikman Is A Legitimate Grinder & Now We're IG Friends

It was a simple comment on Easter Day when families, such as Troy Aikman’s, were sitting down for an Easter dinner. All I typed was “Watching football on Easter. True grit.”
BOOOM, Troy Aikman throws an IG follow and a like on that simple message.
Two things here: 
• I had no idea Troy Aikman would even bother looking through his IG comment alerts. I don’t even bother and I have like five coming in per day. This hunk of steel is getting 400 on a simple Easter IG featuring his hot wife, Capa, setting the table while it appears NFL Network is on in the background.
• It’s all making sense now. Troy really enjoys football. He didn’t stage this. Zero chance he told Capa to turn on NFL Network so he could get the perfect Easter IG. This is just how the guy grinds. No offseason. Always analyzing. Always something new to learn. Always some guy like Peyton Manning out there trying to take your job.
I’ve learned over the years doing the BC thing that certain guys are just programmed like this. Not me. I hammer out 14+ hours of being connected to a computer, phone or tablet on a daily basis. You give me a couple hours on Easter Sunday and I’m watching dads get their nuts kicked on America’s Funniest Hove Videos.
Then there are guys like Troy who are wired for recorded NFL games on Easter Sunday.
Anyway, we’re now friends.

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