Aaron Donald Is Now Training Against A Knife-Wielding Trainer

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I hope there are NFC West offensive linemen out there fighting trainers with knives because the NFL’s baddest man, Aaron Donald, released video this weekend showing him in hand-to-hand combat with a knife-wielding trainer in one of the most intimidating training videos to ever be released by and NFL bad ass.
I’ve seen James Harrison life everything but a house and yet I was never nearly as intimidated as I was this morning when I saw videos of Donald, who’ll be making much less than Suh when these two take the field this fall, swatting knives away to get to an imaginary quarterback.
You’re telling me there’s not some blindside tackle out there shittting his pants right now knowing that Aaron Donald is coming to kill his QB? And it won’t even matter if the OT brings knives to the fight. Total intimidation factor. We’re talking about a guy with 39 sacks in four seasons — 11 in 2017 — and turns 27 in May. All of you know what happens to the male body at 27 (unless you’re Gronk and have had your elbows shredded and knee injuries). It’s the age where you start ripping aging QBs to shreds. It’s also the age when baseball players start jacking 50 dongs. I used to base entire MLB drafts off of guys turning 27.
So here we are with Aaron Donald knife fighting and looking to martial arts some tackle who has been sitting on the beach during the offseason. This is going to get ugly. Pray for the linemen this guy is about to destroy.



I’ll just be over here minding my business & making blogger money and not getting hit by this guy


Here's Insane Video of Aaron Donald Training With Knives
Here's Insane Video of Aaron Donald Training With Knives
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