Eric Thames' Monster Pickup Truck Caught Milwaukee Police's Attention

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Milwaukee Brewers first baseman Eric Thames is a very large human being, so it makes total sense that his ride of choice is a monstrous pickup truck. Just take a look at Thames’ modified Ford F-250 above… it’s so massive he only looks slightly Hulk-ish standing next to it.
However, it looks like Thames and his badass truck got in some minor trouble Sunday, as the slugger took to IG story and shared a photo of police stopping him over truck height limits.
“MKE police already got me,” he captioned.
via EricThames/Instagram Story
Before expressing relief he didn’t splurge on an F-650:
via Eric Thames/Instagram Story
Kind of a bummer way to return to town after an opening series sweep of the Padres. We suppose fellow drivers will appreciate Thames lowering the truck just a bit, though.

What it looks like when an average-size human stands next to Thames’ truck:

And gets in/out of it:

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