Devils Goalie Keith Kinkaid Follows Through, Goes On Chipotle Date With Nashville Country Singer Taylor Acorn

It sure looks like we have a love story brewing right before our eyes, folks, and it couldn’t be a more 2018 love story if it tried. Just a couple of young, attractive adults finding love on Twitter. it’s beautiful, really.

Remember last week when I wrote about country singer (and also a huge Devils fan) Taylor Acorn pulling up from 30 and shooting her shot with Keith Kinkaid? And then him responding immediately to set up a Chipotle date the following Wednesday? Yeah, he came through with the promise.

Not even a week later, these two were sitting across from each other at a Chipotle smashing some burrito bowls. There were also some roses, just to make things somewhat romantic while they sat next to the fountain drink machine.

Thanks @ChipotleTweets for having us tonight ! @tayloracorn 🌯

— Keith Kinkaid (@Blockaid1) March 28, 2018

Glad we could pick up the assist for your GWG.

— Chipotle (@ChipotleTweets) March 29, 2018

Nothing says “first date” like a future case of salmonella!

Like I said before and in the original post, this is the beauty of the internet in 2018. These athletes don’t even have to try anymore. He’s been gearing up for a wild card run and all the sudden he has a smoking hot country singer, who also happens to be a Devils fan, hitting him up on Twitter. Next thing he knows, he’s on a date. Before long he’ll be married with a couple of kids. This is just the first step, buddy.

[IG – Taylor Acorn]