Meet Bailey Davis The Saints Cheerleader Who Was Fired For Her Instagram Photo

Here we GOOOOOOOOOOO! Bailey Davis, the former Saints cheerleader who says she was fired from the squad for an Instagram pic she uploaded to her personal IG, is officially fired up and doing the media car wash rounds.
Today it was the Megyn Kelly Show where she told her side of the Saints said-she said story that is picking up steam amongst the media outlets who need content to keep the machine churning along (not going to lie here, I’m jumping on board…SEO…SEO…SEO). The Saints claim their cheerleaders can’t be posting semi-nude pics or in lingerie. Bailey says she posted this pic to her locked personal page and that it’s not any different than the cheerleading outfit she was wearing on Sundays for the boys.

By now you know that the Saints don’t want their cheerleaders in the same room as their football players. Davis has filed a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and says players aren’t held to the same rules as the cheerleaders.

According to the report: “Cheerleaders are told not to dine in the same restaurant as players, or speak to them in any detail. If a Saints cheerleader enters a restaurant and a player is already there, she must leave. If a cheerleader is in a restaurant and a player arrives afterward, she must leave.”
Players do not have the same restrictions, the report said.
“If the cheerleaders can’t contact the players, then the players shouldn’t be able to contact the cheerleaders,” Sara Blackwell, Davis’s lawyer told the New York Times. “The antiquated stereotype of women needing to hide for their own protection is not permitted in America and certainly not in the workplace.”

Look, this is a brilliant move by Ms. Davis. She wasn’t going to make a dime from the Saints cheerleading gig and it wasn’t going anywhere. The rules these ladies work under are ridiculous and I’ve covered those rules for like the last 10 years. I’ve covered some of the conditions cheerleaders are asked to shoot photos in for bikini calendars. Remember the cesspool creek the Colts cheerleaders worked in?
Now Bailey’s going to get some exposure and pick up a bunch of new followers. Let’s say this complaint doesn’t go anywhere and she’s left with no compensation for the games she missed, at least she’ll have the social following. You take that, maybe hit the speaking circuit a little bit, make a few bucks, do a couple of promos on IG, etc. One thing leads to another and you’ve made 10x the money the Saints would’ve paid you.

The Saints didn’t have any problem with this:

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