I Had The Twitter Ladies Opine On A Wedding Proposal At An Astros Exhibition Game

Nothing gets the female emotions flowing on Twitter like a proposal at a sporting event. Instant reaction. Sides colliding. There are those who have dug in and refuse to think that a guy proposing at an Astros exhibition game this week against the Brewers is the least bit romantic while the LEAVE THEM ALONE crowd is always ready for a fight.
This is Content City on Facebook. This is exactly what your local news is looking to post to get women all emotional. Instant fights.
Being the content producer I am after 10+ years on BC, all I had to do was throw it out there for the ladies this morning and sit back to see the reactions roll in. There’s little to no effort to make this happen.
And if you think an exhibition game proposal is weird, how about a proposal at a Tampa Bay Lightning practice? That went down the other day.

Here’s the thread with reaction from the ladies:

Good point here from Mandy, she knows how this works:

Matt with a full report from the game:

Mara takes these things very seriously…definitely don’t want to tell Mara she doesn’t load the dishwasher the right way:

Erin knows:

Good point from Meg…might want to tell him to try again at the end of the summer…maybe work some OT:

And Dan is all sorts of triggered today. Not sure Dan has been around the BC social side very long:

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