Florida Man Wearing Budweiser Shirt Arrested For DUI On A Golf Cart For Hitting Sign

If you were to draw a Florida Man picture for me, he would look exactly like 58-year-old David Cole, the bad boy accused of a March 3 golf cart DUI crash that resulted in a sign being run over. Week-old stubble. Foghat hair. Budweiser button up. Bags under the eyes that speak to the things that Mr. Cole has seen in his time on earth. The late nights of being deep into the drafts. The early mornings trying to get into work while nursing a Tuesday hangover after an overtime Monday Night Football.
David Cole…Florida Man…has seen a few things.
From Will Greenlee’s Off the Beat:

The case began about 5:30 p.m. on March 3 when a Martin County Sheriff’s deputy went to an address on Northeast Indian River Drive for a crash, the affidavit states.

Dispatchers indicated two men in a tan golf cart hit a sign, and looked intoxicated. The driver reportedly wore a Budweiser shirt and khakis. Investigators spotted a golf cart matching the description headed south on the sidewalk approaching an address in the 2500 block of Northeast Indian River Drive.

A half full bottle of Stolichnaya vodka was in the golf cart, which was being driven by David Cole, 58, of Jensen Beach.

“I asked Mr. Cole what happened,” the report states. “He stated that he struck a sign with the golf cart on accident.”

What sucks here is that Cole’s beer & Stoli slush fund is about to be raided by the sheriff’s office over a sign. Here’s the easy solution to this: you sentence Cole to a Saturday in the blazing sun where he has to pay for and replace the sign. Then, he has to pick up trash along the route to his favorite bar.
You clean up the area, get a new sign and don’t bankrupt a guy over the DUI. Seems fair, right?
*I’ve tried to find that button up on Google Image. No luck.


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