The Oakland A's Plan On Charging Giants Fans $50 For Parking in 2018 Unless They Yell "Go A's"

We all know how gimmicky baseball can get with all of their promotions and what not. A lot of it can get super corny. What the Oakland A’s are doing to Giants fans this 2018 baseball season just flipped the promo game sideways.
What you see above is a real press release that the Oakland A’s put out today. It is not a joke and it is one of the best fan base trolls by another team I’ve seen in a while. I guess you could call it a promotion? Basically, if you’re a Giants fan planning on a catching an A’s game at Oakland Coliseum this summer, you’ll be paying $50 for parking unless you yell “Go A’s” at the gate. Then you pay $30.
Once again this is not a joke, this is a real “promotion” for Giants fans. You want to pay $20 less, you better be prepared to drop your allegiances for a second.
Let’s hear it from A’s president, Dave Kaval, himself, via the SF Gate:

Oakland announced Saturday that Coliseum parking for Giants fans will be $50 for 2018. A’s fans will pay $30, and prepaid parking for season-ticket holders is $10.
There is a way around the Giants-fan surcharge, however, according to Kaval. “Any Giants fan who yells ‘Go A’s!’ at the parking gates will be charged only $30,” Kaval said.
Asked Saturday if the parking pricing was tongue-in-cheek, Kaval said, “No, it’s real. We’re serious about doing it. It’s a discount for Giants fans, after all; parking over there in San Francisco is $75.”

He’s got a good point. That’s a good chunk of money you’re saving. What a brilliant move by Kaval. We all know Giants fans can get a little high horsey these days after winning a few World Series this decade.

This isn’t the first time they’ve trolled Giants fans

Last season, his first with the A’s, Kaval instituted a cap swap – the team will provide fans a free new A’s cap for every Giants cap turned in. Kaval said recently that Oakland has received 2,800 Giants caps so far. In addition, A’s executives took a flotilla into McCovey Cove for a game at AT&T Park last year.
“More than ever, as we’re ready to start baseball season, it’s important to energize the rivalry,” Kaval said. “That’s what we want to do – we want to be fun with it.”

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