Monet Weir Is Destroying Spring Break

Here we go again with Monet Weir, Bob’s daughter, coming at us with a blowtorch and clearing out all the IG pretenders who are on Spring Break getting those IG shots they’ll be using for the next 3-4 months. Not Monet. The plan seems rather simple: dump out the content as fast as possible and change the Spring Break IG game for 2018 — in a hurry.
Take her IG upload last night from Cabo:

Just another bikini shot for your spring break feed…

She gets it. She goes to Chapman. All the other IG models are running for cover. It’s just Tuesday and Monet has put them on notice that their asses are going to be eviscerated for the next five or so days.
I imagine John Mayer is at a desk right now writing lyrics. As fast as he’s ever written. And it’s the greatest love song he’s ever written.

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