Bob Weir's Daughter, Monet Weir, Hit The Genetics Lottery

I’ve been meaning to get Monet Weir posted on BC for about six months now, but there’s never been the right time. Twitter Guy will go nuts with “stop being a scumbag” tweets or something similar. Folks, you deserve to know that Bob Weir’s daughter, a Chapman University student, hit the genetics lottery and is steaming along on IG.
And she’s celebrating turning 20.
I think the one thing we all have to be concerned about here is that John Mayer is on the scene, working with the band, etc. Hopefully Bob’s already had the talk with him about staying away from his IG daughter. This is right in Mayer’s wheelhouse. One minute Monet’s just some IG superstar with 35k followers, the next minute Mayer has her on some awards show in the front row and turns her into an overnight sensation only to break her heart six months later, record an album four weeks later and then makes millions off the relationship.
Seen this happen before.

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Meet Ashleigh From FIU
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