It Looks Like Lane Kiffin Might've Actually Called The UMBC Upset In His Bracket

After UMBC’s crazy upset win on Friday night, Lane Kiffin sent out these tweets with photos of his apparent bracket showing that he picked the Retrievers not only to beat Virginia but to win the whole damn thing.
Immediately everybody chalked this up to Lane doing his typical Twitter trolling that he’s somehow made himself known for these days. You see the typed out winners for some of the games, proving that this was definitely printed and filled out after the Thursday games. There’s a lot of evidence that point to him just filling it in after the game ended.
Now Lane is coming with proof. Yesterday, he tweeted out these text messages that apparently show him sending in his bracket before the game tipped off.

Still not enough to totally convince me. I saw theories that he changed the time on his phone to make it look like he sent it yesterday. We have people breaking this down like the Zapruder film. Although I think I’m leaning towards him telling the truth, even without more evidence. Lane easily could’ve turned in a troll bracket and it actually hit.
This also doesn’t hurt his case.

People mentioned his 127 unread text messages, so he sent out this screenshot of his homepage…SEVEN THOUSAND UNREAD EMAILS

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