Odell Beckham Was Involved In A Scuffle At The Gold Room In Atlanta (UPDATE: Reports Say It's Not Odell)

Time to add another thing to the list of Odell Beckham’s interesting off-season. We haven’t even hit April yet and this is two bad visuals. Just last week he got his spot blown up when someone released a secret recording of him with some French IG model in Paris, possibly smoking a blunt while she had some “mysterious white powder”. Now he’s right in the middle of a brawl at the Gold Room in Atlanta.

This one definitely isn’t as bad of a look. If anything, he’s breaking up this scuffle in the VIP. Still, it’s tough to get caught on camera in a situation like this when you’ve had a few incidents over your career.
But I do kind of feel bad for Odell. He just wanted to enjoy fashion week in Paris with a model and some pizza, and next thing he knows he’s all over the internet. Last night, he just wanted to enjoy a quiet evening at the Gold Room and now I’m sitting here blogging about him. He might want to lay low for a while, at least until training camp rolls around. This is how he ends up traded or not getting that extension he wants.

Having these odds on the board isn’t great going into a contract year

UPDATE: The NYDN is reporting that this isn’t OBJ, but just a guy who really wants to look like him

The Daily News has learned that viral videos that appeared online Saturday claiming to show Beckham in the middle of a Friday nightclub fight at Atlanta’s Gold Room were outright lies.
“This is 100% not Odell. He was not and is not in Atlanta,” a source close to Beckham Jr. told the News. “He has not even been in the state of Georgia recently. The people who falsely posted and reported this will be hearing from his lawyers.”

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