I Am Outraged That Odell Might've Been Eating Pizza In Bed…Not Outraged By Possible White Powder & Possible Blunt










I guess the big gossip news this weekend while I was watching college basketball & installing LED lights in the basement was some video of Odell Beckham Jr. in bed with some chick (Laura Cuenca) and a large pepperoni…plus a possible white powder and possible blunt. The second and third part…Zzzzzzzzzzz.
What the hell are they doing in a bed with one, possibly two, large pepperonis? Savage-ist of savage moves. What kind of animal(s) live like that. I’ve done some crazy shiit in my day with food but never a couple pizzas in bed. One wrong move and you have red sauce all over the comforter. Horrible life decision.
Now the hysteria over the possible white stuff and a possible blunt.
From the NY Daily News:

In the audio of the brief clip, Beckham is heard talking to the woman about “trying to get you to sleep with someone…”
The Giants acknowledged to the Daily News that they are aware of the video but did not have any comment beyond that. Beckham’s agent had not responded to a request for comment as of late Friday night.
It appears that the Giants wideout was not aware he was being recorded.

Laura, who is being described as an aspiring French IG model, had this to say to the NY Post:

“I do not remember all of the evening, only that we met in a bar and then found ourselves at a hotel and we had passed the night together,” Laura Cuenca wrote in her native French during a private message exchange on Instagram.
The two met March 8 at the Le Queen nightclub in Paris — and eventually wound up at the Four Seasons George V off the tony Champs-Élysées, she claimed.

Of course Odell’s saying this is some sort of old story. Blah, blah, blah. He was in Paris a week or so ago. I was following along on IG because I get paid to do that kind of stuff. I know, it’s a sad life, but I can confirm he was doing the whole Paris thing.
Advice: get your shitt together…no more pizzas in bed.

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