It's Not Officially March Madness Until We Have A Crying Kid After A Brutal Loss

A tradition unlike any other: crying kids during the NCAA tournament. Some say that the official beginning of March Madness starts with the first four games on Tuesday and Wednesday. Some say it starts at tip-off at 12:15 on Thursday. I say it starts when we have our first crying fan.
Arizona State gave us that last night at their 11-seed play-in game after taking a tough loss to Syracuse. Welcome to March, kid! Last year, it was the Northwestern kid having a total meltdown during the sweet sixteen loss to Gonzaga. This year we already have another one before the real games have even started. I don’t want to be the dick who makes fun of crying kids, but these are just facts. Crying kids and the NCAA tournament is a tradition. Emotions run DEEP.
The CBS cameramen know what I’m talking about. They’re basically trained to spot these fans. This is their time to shine and nobody does better than them. So let’s give props to the guy last night who’s already creating viral content before the 64-team field was set.

Turns out this kid has deep ASU ties…his dad is the athletic trainer

I can’t blame the kid. He’s probably¬†been living and dying with this team all season, and just like that, his heart is ripped out before he could say “Orangemen”.

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