Someone Should Probably Sign Colin Kaepernick

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Much to the dismay of a portion of the country (probably), it appears Colin Kaepernick has not given up on playing in the NFL again. The free agent quarterback’s trainer, Josh Hidalgo, dropped video of Kaepernick throwing passes and lifting weights out in Houston Thursday.
According to Hidalgo, Kaepernick “hasn’t stopped throwing, training, and preparing since January of 2017.” Kaepernick has not appeared in an NFL game since the 2016-17 season — he threw for 215 yards and a touchdown in his last game as a 49er.
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Kaepernick reposted that video on his own Instagram, and captioned, “Appreciate your dedication and loyalty to training with me @hidalgoj8 we will never stop. This is what I do.” Sure sounds like someone waiting for a call!
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Yahoo’s Charles Robinson provided further details of Kaepernick’s workout session:

Ringed by staff protecting a private workout, Kaepernick spent the morning throwing into a stiff wind at a Houston workout facility on the south side of the city. For roughly 90 minutes, he went through a traditional quarterback workout, simulating drops from center and throwing an array of different routes to training staff. The workout featured largely short and intermediate throws, but Kaepernick uncorked a handful of deeper passes displaying the arm strength that defined the peak of his NFL career.

Honestly Kaepernick’s camp couldn’t have timed this workout release any better. Think about it… two crappy quarterbacks — Chase Daniel and Mike Glennon — each received two-year deals this week. Daniel didn’t throw any passes in 2017, while Glennon threw for 833 yards and four touchdowns (and five interceptions) in four games. The bar isn’t exactly high for backup quarterbacks.
Robinson notes no NFL teams were present, and that the Houston Texans were not aware Kaepernick was working out in the area. The Texans probably aren’t a fit for Kaepernick anyway given Bob McNair’s “inmates” remark last season.
Kaepernick, of course, triggered a whole lot of people for protesting during the national anthem in 2016.

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