Colin Kaepernick Jersey Used as Doormat at Cigar Lounge

Colin Kaepernick’s jersey sales may be through the roof, but it looks like some people who got one aren’t exactly supporting his protest.
On Monday, we posted some Eagles fans singing the national anthem before stomping on a Kaepernick jersey:

The Houston Chronicle also reported the Man Cave Cigar & Tobacco Lounge in Texas got in on the anti-Kaepernick movement by duct taping his jersey to the ground as a makeshift doormat:

In response, a customer of The Man Cave Cigar Lounge on Marina Bay Drive came up with the jersey idea on Friday, Sept. 2, as the business prepared for its third anniversary celebration, General Manager Clint Denny said.
Another customer assisted with the installation, and for the next week the public response was quiet.
“Everybody who walked in would kind of wipe their feet on it,” Denny said.

You won’t be shocked to learn that the report adds the customer clientele of this store is primarily older conservatives.

Photos of the doormat via Chad Melanson’s Facebook:

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