SEC Dominates 2018 Fattest Cities In America Top 25 Standings

I count 7 SEC cities on the Fattest Cities In America Top 25 list. And if we start adding in regional cities that are dominated by SEC fans, this list would pretty much be the SEC sending 25 teams to the Fattest Cities Playoffs. is out this week with a list of the 100 Fattest Cities in America, but you guys do better when it’s just a Top 25 so that’s what I want to focus on.

Is there any shock that Little Rock and it’s Hogs fans are the Fattest People In The United States? They hired Bret Bielema and revered his loudmouth fat ass until he went 11-29 in the SEC over five years before they were finally done with that bloated turd.

Other Fattest Cities observations:

• I thought people in the south used that nice weather to their advantage and got out of the house more often; us northerners are stuck on the couch for like 8 months.

• Maybe I shouldn’t be surprised by this list…we’re starting to get Nashville hot sandwiches at Arby’s up here in the north…have you seen those things?

• I’m shocked Nashville is No. 1 in being overweight; Seems like all the hipsters moving in would sway that number

• I’ve had the BBQ out of Knoxville…I’d rather be fat and eat that stuff than be in shape and miss out on gameday pulled pork

• Really surprised an Ohio city wasn’t higher than No. 17, especially since Columbus is where fast food companies go to test products because there are 5,000 fast food joints in town

• Want to live in a healthy city? Portland, Oregon is calling your name…or one of those other cities where guys are on bikes like 6 hours per day