Bowling Green Football Players Get Into Old Fashioned Fight On South Beach During Spring Break


The Bowling Green State University football program didn’t make it through Spring Break without an incident to address and it came in the form of a beach brawl on South Beach where some Falcons footballers threw some legit punches at fellow combatants. Local news hound Jordan Strack is all over this one and says the guy wearing the red backpack is a BGSU football player.

Now head coach Mike Jenks, coming off a 2-10 season, has to make statements regarding the beach brawl.

We’re still waiting for names, but it doesn’t really matter. What matters here is that football guys still throw down on Spring Break like the old days. I like to think back to the pre-cellie days when football guys could clear out a bar via brawls and it would just become a story amongst buddies.

Credit to the BG guys for throwing down even though they were going to get caught. That’s dedication to the craft.

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