Redskins Tailgate ‘Fan Van’ For Sale — $20,000

It appears someone in northern Virginia isn’t down with the upcoming Alex Smith Era, as he or she is looking to sell this Washington Redskins “Fan Van.” If there are Skins fans out there looking to make your own offseason power move, this could be the big splash assuming you can come up with $20,000 from your tailgate party.

via Craigslist

According to the seller, this custom 2006 Ford E-450 can seat up to 15 people and comes with A/C/, heat, and a 21-inch screen TV. It’s worth noting driving this around could possibly offend people who hate the mascot, but we’re guessing that could be spun as an added bonus.

From the ad:

Redskins themed 15 passenger converted van ready for immediate use. Great for tailgating or traveling with groups. Equipped with A/C, heat, small refrigerator, satellite dish and 21″ screen TV in header, custom built-in storage racks in rear with commercial grade hot box for food, Margaritaville grill attached on back and pull down awning attached to side of van.

*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.