Mink-Wearing Florida Woman Grandma Stiffs Bar Over $15.90 Tab & Accuses Cops Of Not Being Gentlemen

Just a week after I posted the Florida Man who sucked down 16 vodkas and washed it down with one chimichanga in the Vero Beach neighborhood, we’re now getting news of a 67-year-old Florida Woman on the Gulf side who ripped off a Naples bar. Maureen Davie is accused of not paying her $15.90 bar tab, trying to order drinks on strangers tabs and then giving the cops, who came to arrest her, a hard time.
From Fox 4:

According to a Collier County Sheriff’s Office report, 67-year-old Maureen Davie was walking around the bar carrying a white mink coat and trying to buy drinks on other people’s tabs.
When she was confronted she left without paying for the drink she ordered.
Deputies found her in the kitchen of Bravo, where she was informed she owed money at Cavo.  Davie stated she did not drink the drink and would not pay.
Deputies asked Davie to step outside to continue talking, and she reportedly stopped at the door and refused to open it, chiding the deputies for not being a “gentleman” and opening it for her.
Davie claimed she was locked out of her car and that her money was inside the car.  Deputies say she told them to take her home or call her an “Ubie”. 

Sounds like we’ve got some LIVE ACTION with this wild one. She knows the deal here. Find her some old codgers who’ll buy her drinks and then walk out on the small bar tab. Classic old sorority chick move here from Maureen. That’s not going to fly at the Cavo. This place looks way too classy for Maureen and that mink.

Sup Maureen

Going to mess around and get the pipe:

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