Kings Fan Takes Puck Off The Nose, Walks It Off, The Playoffs Can Start Now

Och! Kings fan bloody after getting hit with a puck.#LAKings #GoKingsGo #Canucks #LAKvsVAN

— Eric (@Kingsgifs) March 13, 2018

How about this tough guy last night at the Kings game just taking a screamer off the nose and walking it off like he’s had his nose rearranged a couple times and it’s nbd. Go ahead boys, grow out those playoff beards because this is the biggest indicator in hockey history that it’s time to start the 7-game series.

If the playoffs started today, the Kings would be the 7-seed and facing Vegas. I’m ready.

As for our hero, I’d like to know how he’s feeling today at work. You know he went to work. No guy who walks off a puck to the nose misses a day of work. He goes in to see the boys and show off that battle wound. They shoot the shitt a little bit and then the boys slap him on the back and say it’s time to grab some lunch beers. Then, after lunch beers, you and the boys go back out to the job site and start talking about how the Rams have been wheelin and dealin on the defensive side. One thing leads to another and it’s 3:30 by the time you head back to the office in L.A. traffic it’s shuttin down time and you’re officially headed home to catch a replay of the 3-0 shutout of the Canucks.

What a 24 ours for Kings Hero:

Got stitched up and caught the end of the game:

Back in his seat with a few stitches!

Video curtesy of Reddit user u/PhenomenonYT

— Eric (@Kingsgifs) March 13, 2018

Look at this hero:

LA Kings fan gets nailed between the eyes by puck #LAKings @NHL @cschmid10

— DogFartsSuperBowlChampions (@DogFartHockey) March 13, 2018