Hulk Hogan Claims He Dropped His Cell Phone In A Porta Potty Before Catching A Phillies Spring Training Game

There were a couple things that came out of Hulk Hogan’s appearance Friday at a Phillies Spring Training game that stood out and became blog worthy: (1) Hulk, in a Facebook Live video, claims he dropped his cell phone in a Phillies parking lot porta potty; (2) Hulkster might have one of the most uninspired baseball autographs I’ve ever seen.
In the FB Live video, Hulkster claims he was dropping his drawers to presumably take an emergency dump and his cellie ended up in the bottom of that shittter. Is this some sort of FB Live bit? 50% chance. And there’s a 50% chance this isn’t a bit because Hulkster’s social media channels aren’t exactly making this into a bit. I’m leaning towards the latter. Hulk’s 64, he seems way more interested in making paid Spring Training appearances and selling t-shirts at his Clearwater beach shop.
Let’s go to the quick porta potty video:

Hulkster eventually rebounded and made it to the park to talk with Charlie Manuel about living in Japan. The two old timers seemed to get along just fine.

“My career in Japan was just as big as it was here in the States,” Hogan said. “They didn’t call me Hulk Hogan there. They called me Ichiban. They called me No. 1. And the No. 1 Japanese wrestler, a guy named Antonio Inoki who fought Muhammad Ali, was my partner. And Charlie was over there when I was wrestling. And he remembers the matches; he remembered the buildings. We knew a lot of the same places. It was kind of crazy to have that conversation with him.”

What about his time wrestling in Philly?

“I used to get sick to my stomach thinking about leaving the building because the fans would be trying to turn my car over when I was a bad guy,” said Hogan, who broke into wrestling as a “heel” in the late 1970s before becoming the industry’s biggest star. “The good memories at the Philadelphia Spectrum are that it was so loud. It used to make my jaws water. It’s kind of like I’d smell good food or something — my jaws would water. It would get so loud in the middle of that ring with that rumble in the building that it would make my jaws water. And then if I was getting beat up by the bad guy, I would reach out for help; the fans would try to come toward the ring. Nothing but good memories about Philly.”

Jenny Dell posted this…nice ink from Hulkster…must be harder than it looks to sign a baseball:

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