Jose Altuve Explains Why He Looked So Serious at the White House

AL MVP Jose Altuve straight up looked like someone who wanted to end President Trump during the Houston Astros’ White House visit, but it turns out we shouldn’t read too much into his stern demeanor.

Altuve shutdown the left’s hopes of making him a political pawn today as he told reporters it was an honor to be there, and wouldn’t have made the trip if he didn’t want to go. A smart move given his notifications probably blew the hell up after he became a meme.

Jose Altuve spoke to reporters today about the reaction to his expression during yesterday’s White House visit. "The president was talking. What do you want me to do? I was just standing there listening. It was an honor to be there. If I didn't want to go, I just wouldn't go."

— Jake Kaplan (@jakemkaplan) March 13, 2018

More Altuve: "I'm (standing) behind the president, probably one of the most important guys in the world. I can't be laughing or doing stupid things while he's talking. I need to listen."

— Jake Kaplan (@jakemkaplan) March 13, 2018

So Altuve was happy to be there. Fine. But what about World Series MVP George Springer, who had his own Melania/Chris Paul moment with POTUS:

Very sorry for the Astros having to go through this; nobody looked happy to be there. MVP George Springer had Melania moment–watch the change in expression.

— LuvYaBlue (@LuvYaBlue) March 12, 2018

Next on tap for a White House visit? The Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles… you already know the players who don’t want to be there (Chris Long, Malcolm Jenkins, Torrey Smith) won’t be there.