NBA Reddit Seems Mad At NBA Guys For Snapping & Driving…What A Bunch Of Snowflakes

I have to admit in all the years since starting BC I’ve never thought about athletes Snapping and driving. I just figured these guys won’t hit anybody while repeating Post Malone lyrics for the Snappy. Well, it seems the snowflakes at NBA Reddit are about to start shaming NBA guys for doing it for the Snappy and at least one Celtics fan has turned his attention to Jayson Tatum, the 6-8 20-year-old future superstar who seems to be known for showing off his driving skills.
Hey Jayson, it’s NBA Reddit that started this, not Uncle BC. I’m all for you doing it for the Snappy as long as you don’t kill me, bro.
Here’s the law in Massachusetts:

Section 13B. (a) No operator of a motor vehicle shall use a mobile telephone, or any handheld device capable of accessing the internet, to manually compose, send or read an electronic message while operating a motor vehicle. For the purposes of this section, an operator shall not be considered to be operating a motor vehicle if the vehicle is stationary and not located in a part of the public way intended for travel.
(b) A violation of this section shall be punishable by a fine of $100 for a first offense, by a fine of $250 for a second offense and by a fine of $500 for a third or subsequent offense.
(c) A penalty under this section shall not be a surchargeable offense under section 113B of chapter 175.

Look, NBA Reddit isn’t going to save the world and stop Tatum or name another player from showing his whip and playing some hot new track while you sit in a cubicle just miserable with life. That’s the gig here. You download the app, people you think are living a life you want show you that life, you fall in love with that life and keep opening those Snaps. You want to be 20, driving a Mercedes and living Tatum’s life.
Cat is out of the bag, people. This is the life you all chose. It wouldn’t matter if Bron Bron was doing it for the Snap & ran into a school bus loaded with elementary kids. There would be 200 NBA guys doing it for the Snap the next morning.
What’s the solution here? Stop opening the apps because it’s clearly triggering your easily triggered ass.

Tatum going about 66 in the far left lane…seems like he’s pretty good driving with one hand…I’m not worried:

[protected-iframe id=”80e4c27a82c54c72ca1da7590554e0f4-22577676-23105199″ info=”” width=”712″ height=”401″ frameborder=”0″]

Draymond was outed back in the day for Snapping while doing 118:

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