Megan Calipari Says The Kentucky Bandwagon Is Full For The Rest Of March

Surprise: the Kentucky Wildcats are your SEC tournament champions. That’s four years in a row if you’re keeping score at home. At quite a few moments during the season, this looked like one of the worst UK squads Coach Cal has ever had. They had a 4-game losing streak this season and that’s only happened 7 times at Kentucky in ALMOST 100 YEARS.
But of course, Cal got them to peak at the right time for the fourth year in a row and now BBN is rolling into the tournament looking strong. There’s plenty of time for all of those Cats fans who threw this season in the trash in January to hop back on the bandwagon for the tournament, right? Wrong.
Megan Calipari locked it up, threw away the key and is already driving that thing to wherever region Kentucky gets seeded into tonight. Sorry, no more room.

There’s always next year when another group of 5-stars recruits rolls into Lexington. But I actually think this team could make some noise this tournament. There’s zero pressure this time. The loaded Kentucky teams are the ones that always end up getting bounced early, outside of the Anthony Davis team that was just flat out unreal.
Don’t sleep on BBN in your bracket.

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