Darius Miles’ 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville Up For Auction on eBay


via eBay

In yet another sad reminder that former Los Angeles Clippers star Darius Miles is broke, his ridiculous 1975 Pontiac Grand Ville Brougham convertible propped up on 30-inch wheels is currently being auctioned off by Aardvark Antiques on eBay. Trust us. If you’re in the market for something that will immediately make you a target, this gaudy ride is for you.

via eBay

The seller notes Darius sinked $160,000 into this “donk,” basically a car on giant wheels, and that his wife sold it through their auction house. It has been used as a promotional piece for the company’s classic car auctions in its second life.

From the listing:

This car was up till recently owned by NBA star Darius Miles. He was the overall 3rd draft pick in 2000. This is the Baddest Donk Car in Georgia! He spent $160,000 building the car. It drives like a normal car with the $45,000 suspension. Darius’ ex wife had us sell it through our auction house. We have used it for the past year to promote our Classic Car auctions. It is an unbelievable head turner!

Gorgeous Custom Paint Job. Almost no dings or scratches. Right front bumper took a small hit that crinkled the vinyl in between the bumper and the car.
Less than 15K miles on rebuild.
Limited Edition Car
Original Motor, Transmission, and Body
New Top
455 V8 Bored to 30 over
Positive Traction
Custom Dunk
30 inch Dub SVEET Spinner Wheels $7500 each! One of the spinners is bent.

Additional ridiculous details we have to note: the car has Lambo doors, a freight train horn, and the rearview mirror serves as a TV screen for the DVD player. Suffice it to say that Darius really burned some money here.

The starting bid for Darius’ ride is set at $1,000. There has been no action as of yet, but there are still five days remaining in the auction.


via eBay

via eBay

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