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Here’s something for a loaded NASCAR fan

Richard Petty is auctioning off one of his cars. Let’s just say he won a few races in this bad boy.

One of the most famous race cars in NASCAR history, driven by one of its greatest all-time drivers, can soon be yours for a cool half-million bucks.

NASCAR legend Richard Petty is auctioning his day-glow red and Petty blue 1974 Dodge Charger on May 12โ€” the one he drove to his fifth Daytona 500 championship and 30 other wins.

The car will be auctioned at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, along with his 1981 Daytona 500 trophy, a 1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo he drove in 1979 when he won his seventh series championship and a 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix he drove on his farewell tour.

SOunds like it could go anywhere between $400,000 and $600,000.

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This will be the 70th time @TigerWoods is at or within 1 of the lead after 54 holes on the #PGATour.

He's won 62 of the previous 69 instances: 89.9% pic.twitter.com/2RBI1WtcKM

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