Jade Grobler Could Be A Breakout Star, Kid Loses It Over Tiger Autograph & Bruce Pearl Vs Bama Strength Coach

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Tiger coverage gets started at 1 on Golf Channel. I assume most of his round will be on NBC starting at 3. Do you have any idea how bad I want to be on the patio watching golf? It’s sunny this morning and all I can think about is patio beers and temps around 75. Other than that it’s going to be basketball, basketball, basketball and that’s not a bad thing this time of year. Gotta act like you know what you’re doing tomorrow night when you fill out that bracket.

β€’ Jade Grobler!! No idea who she is which means she’ll probably land a Browns QB at some point

β€’ Akon played basketball this week with some ladies that have probably appeared in rap videos

β€’ Monster dunk of the weekend and it’s not even a contest…game over

β€’ This little kid seems excited to get Tiger’s autograph

β€’ Bruce Pearl vs. Bama strength coach…IT’S FUCCIN ON

β€’ Tulsa with one of the worst full court shots you’ll ever see

β€’ Florida Man cop fired in disgrace after cops show up at his house & find dog dumps, bullet holes in walls, etc.Β 

β€’ Here she is….Lexis from Kentucky!

JR Smith Sending A Defender Into The 2nd Row Video of the Weekend

JR Smith doing Milos Teodosic dirty. 🀒


— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) March 10, 2018

Burger of the Day

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This thing is saucier than a @pamelaanderson beach run! @chefskitchen_ are throwing out rippers like this on the regular and I can’t wait to get down and rip in one day real soon! #foodporn #instafood #foodgasm #manfood #aussieblokefood #igfood #cheatmeal #cheatmeals #hangovercure #doubletap #tapthat . . . Repost from @issac_eatsalot – 🚩🚩 @chefskitchen_ 🚩🚩 πŸ” QUAD CHEESEBURGER: four hand pressed pattys, quad american cheese, double streaky bacon, mustard, ketchup, cheese sauce πŸ” . If you haven't seen the video (do you live under a rock? ), This is the second quad cheesey I've had from Charles and the beef is that good that you barely even wince trying to get through it. Buttery beef, seasoned with salt and pepper on a grill that gets bacon fat applied before cooking. Thin crispy strips of bacon. Than all the sauces πŸ€€πŸ’¦πŸ’¦ consistently up there as one of my fave burgs in Sydney! . #chefskitchen #cheeseburger #handpressed #beef #american #streakybacon #mustard #ketchup #cheese #video #thatgood #wince #buttery #saltandpepper #grill #baconfat #bestburgs #sydney #foodtruck

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