Florida Man Club Marketing Director In Big Trouble For Horse Stunt That Was LIT AF…The Horse Is Fine

WATCH: Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach under fire after video surfaced of a horse inside the nightclub pic.twitter.com/C7Saz3q20a

— Joel Franco (@OfficialJoelF) March 9, 2018

The Mokai Lounge in Miami Beach got too LIT AF last week when a marketing director decided to have a white horse trotted out on the dance floor with a woman in lingerie on the horse. No joke, a live horse. Look, you know the way things roll these days at the Miami clubs. These places are all trying to out LIT AF each other and some marketing Florida Man thought the horse would be great for the Snaps and IGs.

The problem is that the city is pisssed and has revoked Mokai’s operating license. Now there’s an animal cruelty investigation and the authorities aren’t playing games. We’re talking civil and criminal charges.

From WCTV:

CBS Miami reached club owner, Roman Jones, by phone. Jones denied any part in the incident with the horse.

“The horse is not hurt. The marketing director, who arranged the stunt, that I was unaware of, is suspended without pay. I am cooperating with the authorities,” Jones told CBS Miami.

But the incident involving the horse this week may not have been the first time the club has employed live animals to entertain its clientele.

Viewers sent CBS Miami social media photos that on one occasion purport to show a camel being lead through the place, and another photo of a different horse in the club, with the name Mokai painted on its coat.

When doing it for the Snaps goes wrong. Ooops.