Heckler Pulls Out Classic Golden Tee Line On Tiger Woods After Putt: “Does Your Husband Play?”


For about the last year or so, I’ve been playing Golden Tee down the street at my buddy Tim’s garage via his projector and a plug n play version of Golden Tee that’s just as fun as arcade Golden Tee and much cheaper than buying the giant console and asking one of your buddies to sacrifice a Saturday to get the thing into your house. One of the famous lines in plug n play Golden Tee when you whiff on a shot is “Does your husband play?”

Of course people are losing their minds over the guy who yelled that after Tiger left an uphill putt short today at the Valspar.

Obviously the guy who yelled it is a Golden Tee fan. The timing and line were perfect. It’s like one of my buddies busting my balls after a weak hit in Tim’s garage. No biggie.

By the way, the plug n play Golden Tee comes BC approved. Great $20 (about the average price on eBay) or so and your wife won’t be as mad at you for playing it because it’s so cheap.

The great news with this cheap Golden Tee is that the graphics might be old, but you’ll be so hammered that you won’t care. You’ll be trashed after 18 holes. I am every time Tim has a tournament.

Final leaderboard from the Valspar:

Or you can cause a divorce and buy this without your wife knowing:

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