Buy This Dallas Cowboys 1983 GMC Sierra — $8,500


via Craigslist

Want to show your suburb that you’re the biggest fan of America’s team? Look no further than this 1983 GMC Sierra Dallas Cowboys pickup, which has been on the market for a month now. Given how quickly tailgate rides of other teams are swooped up (Browns, Seahawks specifically), we’re a little shocked to see Cowboys fans have turned a cold shoulder to this potential tailgate truck.

via Craigslist

Does it not have enough stars? Is the paint scheme boring? Are Cowboys fans just depressed because the Eagles won the Super Bowl? Is the seller’s asking price of $8,500 too rich? These are the questions we have to ask when a ride sits.

From the Craigslist ad:

Perfect Conditions, Ready to Drive home.
Clean title.
All new suspension, new tires, new transmission
Odometer: 82,369

*As always, no one on BC has connections to the seller and will not receive commission on a potential sale.


via Craigslist

via Craigslist

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