Bernie Sanders Visits Dodgers Camp, Mentors Yasiel Puig


Yasiel Puig was not one of the 37 players to hit 30 or more home runs last season, but 30 is probably a lock for the mercurial outfielder after he soaked up knowledge from an unlikely source: Vermont Senator, and noted Brooklyn Dodgers fanatic, Bernie Sanders.

That’s right. Bernie made a pit stop at Camelback Ranch and dished some hitting advice to Puig before going off on Trump at a political event in Phoenix. The man does it all.

Undoubtedly a very fun photo op for The Bern, but it is a little weird when you dig deeper than baseball and realize you’ve got a Cuban defector and an old white guy who loves Fidel Castro. But that’s enough politics from us, we’re just here for the Dodgers feeling the Bern.

Manager Dave Roberts was apparently feeling it:

As were Justin Turner and Rich Hill:

via BernieSanders/Instagram

via BernieSanders/Instagram

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