It’s Only Right That Grayson Allen Got Hit With A Flagrant 1 For This Hipcheck In His Final ACC Tournament Game

I will miss hating this face

— Dan (@AtIantaDan) March 4, 2018

Duke got bounced from the ACC tournament last night by UNC a week after beating the Tar Heels in the final game of the regular season, but the story of the night comes courtesy of America’s favorite hateable face, Grayson Allen. After 7 or 8 some odd years, it was last ACC tournament game and he left just like he came in: by partaking in a borderline dirty play that had the internet losing its mind.

This was the play. Just your typical ass check 75 feet from the basket. This landed him a flagrant 1 and put a nice bow on Grayson’s tripping career at Duke.

Grayson Allen with yet ANOTHER dirty play RT

— Matt Jones (@KySportsRadio) March 10, 2018

Some people are saying that if this was anybody else besides Grayson Allen, they don’t get a flagrant and it’s a non-story. That’s true, but it is Grayson Allen and he’s tripped a thousand people over his 11 years at Duke, so that’s why we’re talking about it today.

Really, I just think it’s a perfect way to end Grayson’s ACC career. He’s already cemented his legacy as one of the the top 2 or 3 most hateable Duke players ever. This just adds to that legacy. I really will miss hating that face.

Side note: I can’t wait for him to try this shit in the NBA. Somebody like Patrick Beverley might actually kill him.

Grayson Allen's got a history of foul calls.

— ESPN (@espn) March 10, 2018

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