CBS Analyst Jordan Cornette: This Is A Grayson Allen “Failed Sneak Trip” Attempt


I had loyal Busted readers telling me to deactivate, “go to bed, your drunk,” and others taking big shots at me on Twitter last night because I implied that Grayson Allen attempted another subtle trip during Wednesday’s game against N.C. State. I was getting ripped by couch basketball experts who can’t wait to destroy on Twitter.

And then there were others who were like, “I don’t know what you’re even trying to point out.” Uh, it’s pretty clear here – I thought.

Watch Allen’s right foot and leg as Cat Barber tried to accelerate up court. Again, it’s subtle. Just slide that leg right in as Barber wants to go running.

So that started a firestorm from the couch basketball experts who love to tell me I’m a loser and know nothing about sports. I’m just a loser who got luck with a blog and they’ve played and coached for years and they know everything.

Anyway, I was just sitting here taking artillery when all of a sudden Jordan Cornette, who works games for and provides color analysis for CBS Sports Network, comes to my rescue like he’s William Wallace in Braveheart. We’re only talking about a guy who is Notre Dame’s all-time leader in blocks. We’re only talking about a guy who played in 126 college games at Notre Dame.

I’ll take this guy’s word before one of you losers who average 15 minutes a game in high school.

Oh yea. Clear as day. Failed sneak trip attempt to slow down Cat. Then in defeat, goes for obvious jersey grab

— jordan cornette (@jordancornette) March 10, 2016

He made other successful trips with same nonchalant motion

— jordan cornette (@jordancornette) March 10, 2016

There it is. Grayson Allen is a trip artist.

Here are his two of Grayson Allen’s most famous trips: